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What do I need to do if I want to work as a foreigner in the Czech Republic?

In order to work legally in the Czech Republic, you will need certain documents to work in the Czech Republic. Which documents depends on which country you come from - whether you are an EU or non-EU national.

Work for foreigners - free entry to the labour market

Free entry to the labour market means that a foreigner does not need to obtain a work permit to work in the Czech Republic and can start work almost immediately.

They have free access to the Czech labour market:

  • EU nationals and their family members,
  • non-EU citizens who have a permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic,
  • students from non-EU countries (only full-time students from accredited universities with visa code 23 or 24),
  • foreigners who have graduated from a Czech secondary school, higher vocational school or university and have proof of proper completion of studies (matriculation certificate, diploma).

Employing foreigners who fall into one of the above categories is much easier, as there is usually no need for work permits or employment cards. It is easiest for EU citizens, who can get a job just like Czech citizens. The same applies to foreigners with permanent residence permits in the Czech Republic and to family members of EU citizens who are long-term residents of the Czech Republic.

Work in the Czech Republic for foreigners from third countries

Citizens from third countries can work in the Czech Republic only with a work permit and a valid residence permit for the Czech Republic, an employee card, a blue card or an in-house employee card. You can only get these documents for a specific job with a specific employer.

How to get a work permit in the Czech Republic?

You must apply for a work permit in writing at the regional employment office of the place of work before arriving in the Czech Republic. An employment agency or other authorised representative with a power of attorney can often help you with the process.

The most advantageous is to use the services of an employment agency for foreigners, who will help you with all the necessary documents so you can be sure you haven't forgotten anything.

Pracovní agentura

The work permit covers:

  • seasonal work,
  • employment for a fixed period to improve the skills and qualifications of the employee (traineeships),
  • employment for people up to the age of 26 in school-to-school exchanges or youth programmes,
  • short-term employment of up to 3 months,
  • long-term employment.

The application must be completed with:

  • personal data (name, surname, citizenship, birth number, date and place of birth),
  • address of residence in the Czech Republic,
  • travel document number,
  • details of the prospective employer,
  • type of work,
  • place of work,
  • the length of time you will be doing the work.

You must attach a copy of the employment contract or agreement under which you will be working in the Czech Republic. In the case of employment by an employment agency for the temporary employment of foreigners, the employment contract must also contain a clause stating that as an employee you agree to be temporarily assigned to the chosen employer.

The administrative fee for applying for an employment permit is CZK 500.

What is an employee card?

An employee card is actually a permit for long-term residence in the Czech Republic for the purpose of work. Apply for an employee card at least 3 months before your planned arrival in the Czech Republic at the Czech embassy in your country or directly at the Czech Ministry of the Interior.

A foreigner with an employee card can:

  • reside in the Czech Republic,
  • be employed in the job for which the card was issued.

To get an employee card, you must have an employment contract, a work agreement or a future contract. The validity of the employee card is set for the period specified in the employment contract, but not longer than 2 years.

How do I get an employee card?

  • Find a suitable job – You can only get an employee card for a specific job in the Czech Republic.
  • Get an employment contract from the prospective employer.
  • Submit an application for an employee card - completed form send to the embassy or the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior. The application must also be accompanied by:
    • a valid travel document,
    • a current photo,
    • documents to prove your qualifications (usually proof of education),
    • proof of accommodation in the Czech Republic,
    • employment contract.
  • Wait for information from the office – the office will let you know if you have obtained the employee card and, if so, you will receive a 90-day visa to come to the Czech Republic and collect the card.

It takes between 60 and 90 days to process an employee card application, so allow for this.

Employee's arrival in the Czech Republic

  • Upon arrival in the Czech Republic within 3 days, report to the the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior where you will provide your biometric elements. There is a fee for issuing an employee card a fee of CZK 2 500.
  • Register to stay in the Czech Republic at the regional immigration police (you will need proof of accommodation in the Czech Republic).

Přihlášení k pobytu

What is a blue card?

The blue card is a long-term residence permit to work in the Czech Republic in highly skilled jobs. It is issued to employees with higher vocational or higher education who have an employment contract for at least 1 year with an agreed wage that is at least 1.5 times the average wage in the Czech Republic.

How to get a blue card?

The procedure for obtaining a blue card is the same as for applying for an employee card.

Ukrainians - work in the Czech Republic

In March 2022, in connection with the conflict in Ukraine, the Government of the Czech Republic approved Laws No. 65/2022 Coll. and No. 66/2022 Coll., which allow citizens of Ukraine to reside and work in the territory of the Czech Republic. Arriving Ukrainians are thus granted temporary protection, employment opportunities, social security and access to health care and education in the Czech Republic. Ukrainians do not need to obtain a work permit to work in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the temporary protection granted, they have free access to the labour market and have the same rights and obligations as Czech employees.

Jobs for foreigners with language skills

Foreigners in the Czech Republic can find work through job portals, employment agencies and the employment office. You will increase your chances of getting a job if you know at least basic Czech. Jobs for foreigners with knowledge of the language are also possible in more professional positions. Many companies and agencies offer Czech language courses for foreigners to their employees, do not hesitate to take advantage of them.

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